10 Family Road Trip Ideas Every Kid Will Love

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A family trip to interesting places in the USA is a great opportunity to see something new and add bright pictures to the home archive. Family trips need roomy transportation; rent a 10 person van. Children will gain new experiences and knowledge and see with their own eyes the sights of the United States that they have seen in books and on the Internet.


Manhattan is an iconic place. Walking around the neighbourhood, you and your child will feel the historical spirit of the old city. Kids won’t be able to get past the three-story M&M’s World store museum. For now, this is the unofficial attraction of the city. In addition to colourful jelly beans and figurines of characters from famous commercials, they sell products in the form of “Star Wars” characters.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills attracts tourists with its beautiful mansions of stars and the potential to meet celebrities. To see someone, turn to a 10 passenger van rental. Children, who want to see their idols from their favourite movies, especially enjoy such encounters. 

Visiting the Beverly Hills area, you can prepare a surprise for your child. Children will love a red carpet photo shoot wearing clothes from the closets of the world’s stars. Photoshoot as if you’re a celebrity being hunted by the paparazzi – isn’t it fun? That’s the kind of service local hotels provide. 

Central Park in New York City

An ancient U.S. park created on marshes and cliffs has become legendary. Kids will love the cliffs at Columbus Circle. Feed the ducks that live in the park’s ponds with them. If your child has watched Home Alone 2, you can take them to the Bethesda Fountain. 

The ice rink is considered an equally popular place. It is a popular winter activity here. The Central Park ice rink opens in the late fall. Children and their parents can skate all winter. Skates can be rented right at the entrance.


The spacious Hawaiian beach is a large sandpit for kids and a beach with clear water for parents. Conveniently, the children can take sea baths in any wind direction: the lagoon is closed from the waves by a breakwater. This factor and its status as the beach with the cleanest water in the U.S. make it a popular family vacation spot. Teenagers can take surfing or diving lessons. The clear waters are ideal for boarding and diving. 

Ruby Falls

Kids love anything bright. They’ll love the Tennessee landmark, Mount Lookout, which hides a fabulously beautiful waterfall in its depths. Interestingly, this place is popular only among Tennesseans. The rest of America knows little about the existence of this mountain. Children will love the highest of the underground waterfalls in the country.

As they descend into the underground, children will see an exhibit of archaeological artefacts. Take care of your warm clothes in advance — the temperature in the cave does not rise above 10 degrees.

Fly Geyser

The sight appeared in Nevada by accident. Humans “helped” nature to create this miracle. More than 100 years ago, the owners of this area were planning to make a well and hit a geothermal pocket. This is how the U.S. got a new natural fountain. Nothing was known about the unique area, even the state residents. Children of all ages will be happy with what they see. 

Hells Canyon and Shoshone Falls

This attraction is called “Hell’s Canyon.” It is much deeper than the Grand Canyon. The Snake River flows through its bottom, which has created winding trails in the rocks at great depths. In season, families come here whose children can hold a fishing rod, steer a kayak, or go down a rough river in a boat.

There are many such canyons in the United States. But it’s more suitable for outdoor activities with kids, for family weekends with a tent. If you’re afraid of sleeping in tents, a 10 seater van rental easily reduces the problem. Nearby, near the Idaho border, the river somersaults and turns into the magnificent Shoshone Falls. 

The falls are another place the kids will love to go. Even the little ones will love the spectacular sight of falling water surrounded by a cloud of spray. The two Idaho attractions can be seen as part of a day trip. But it’s better to devote an entire weekend to a family hike.

Virginia’s Historic Triangle

Rent a car and follow Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown trails. Each is a static landmark, and a preserved history brought back to life with costume festivals and reenactments.

In such circumstances, you will need the help of a 10 seater car rental. Children will be thrilled when their car pulls alongside riders riding down the road dressed in eighteenth-century garb. You can see ancient buildings in the towns or attend a costume ball for the governor. 

Town of Hannibal

The homeland of Mark Twain is a good option for an educational vacation for children. Here are the main attractions: the houses where the heroine of the popular book, Becky Thatcher, and the Clemens family lived together with the future genius of literature. There is a fence in town that was whitewashed by Tom Sawyer. Today’s kids can also join in and paint their part of the fence. There is a festival dedicated to having fun with America’s most famous fence in the summer.

To see Mark Twain’s town from the Mississippi, as the author did in his youth, can be seen during an outing aboard a motorboat. And the main attraction, a bronze statue of the author of children’s books, will look benevolently at the riding tourists from the Hannibal waterfront.

Coca-Cola Museum

When bringing the family to Atlanta, you should take the kids to America’s popular sweet drink museum. The futuristic building is an attraction in itself, with giant bottles inside. There, you can see with your own eyes how Coca-Cola is bottled. You can take one of the bottles with you.

Next comes the museum’s most colourful hall, the advertising hall. The faces of those who advertised Coca-Cola 100 years ago can be seen on the walls. Also on display are samples of automatons. There is a working example from 1930, and even a car delivering the product. Sixty machines with variations of the drink made in the U.S. and other countries stand in a row. You can compare tastes. Children will enjoy the museum with a tasting. The tour time is an hour and a half.

The U.S. is not the oldest country. But it has already managed to acquire a history that demonstrates the visiting tourists and its own citizens. On the territory of America, every landmark, even if not the most famous, is worthy of attention. Children and their parents will always find a way to get unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions.

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